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    Check boxes is it possible



      Check boxes is it possible


      Here is my question. I wasnt able to figure out how to do this in Access so I have no idea if it can be done there or even in filemaker pro but I am hoping one of you guys will know.


      I wanted to make a form view (or a layout) where it will have product information like name etc (I have a table for that), and on that layout I can place check boxes for each component inside that product.... 

      example, a radio, with rectifiers, buzzers etc inside it. I want to be able to check each item that is inside it. 


      I have a table for product and a table for components and a joining table for Product_components. 


      Is there an easy way that this can be done, for someone who has not a lot of database construction experience? 

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          Have a look at these two posts, I think they are what you are looking for, just change the reference of Drop-down or Pop-up menus to Check Box Set. 






          Let me know if you have any questions. 

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            Hmm, those are very good situations... but not what I am looking for. I am trying to make the data entry part easy without having to type a lot for the entry person. So what I am looking for is  (the database is tracking products we build and we keep track of all components in the product) a way to have them be able to just check next to look at a list (a value list I am assuming) and pick multiple items from the list (I am just saying check box because itwould just be easier to have them shown on a form and just check each item that is in the product) and have the information picked go into the table for components_product which is a join table. 


            right now if I use the Checkbox for the value list it just puts them all into one field instead of breaking them out. 


            I am really having a learning curve with filemaker pro. Sorry if my questions seem confusing I guess it is probably because I am confused. 

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              Thank you for your posts.  Your post is not confusing, and it is very straight-forward.


              A checkbox field does indeed place all the values in one field.  Unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to accomplish what you want to do with checkboxes.  Instead, you may want to have a pop-up menu and select the different items.  Only one value can be selected from a pop-up menu, but this will allow you to put the components into separate records.  Since these would be related records (inventory to component), you could put these pop-up menus in a portal.


              A portal is a way of viewing information in a related table.  You can add information to a related table without having to re-enter the key/related field (like an invoice number).  Let me know if you need help setting this up.



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