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Check boxes with lots of options.

Question asked by fluffyone on Mar 18, 2010
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Check boxes with lots of options.


Hi Group


I am using a checkbox on a layout and I have it display a list of options based on records created in another table and I select whichever ones I want connected with the record which also gives me a historical view of what has been checked of / used. This all works well but thinking long term this list is going to keep getting bigger and I can't see the use of a slider on the check box to reveal checkboxes out of site.


I realize that I could probably do this through a portal with some changes to the table, but what I like about the checkbox method is that I can do a find for all the records I want to use the check box on, I then go into the table view and wiz down the list clicking all the check boxes required, which can be quite fast.


Is there a better way to do this?