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Check Boxs for reports

Question asked by gldiaz on Oct 5, 2011
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Check Boxs for reports


 HI All,

I think, I 've seen this and at the time it was a cool application.

I was thinking of this:

1. I have a main page with varied scripts, but what I need is this.

a. A way or suggestion on getting
    One page or Tab that holds a series or selected number of reports.
    The trick, I can't seem to figure is to
    Get this list of reports with a CK Box before each report to select or deselect
    reports to either view or print out.

Is there a simplified or logical way of getting a page with a bunch of reports and then
then get them viewed or printed.

ex.  [x]  Customers by address
       [x]  Customers by demographics
       [  ]   Customers by xyz

Total  2 reports selected.

[x] View

[  ] Print

 [ chose view or print ] not together.

So, how difficult would this be to acomplish.
1st - Making the Report Layouts,  Then

        being able to select the ones to View or Print?

Any ideas on getting something like this done?


Tks In advance.