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      Check Data



      I have a client_ID which has to have a unique value. But if i enter the data and go to the next field with TAB, FM does check if the value is unique. I have to click somewhere else on the layout until i get the message that the data in not unique. 

      I even tried a script-trigger, where on exit field it should write the data (I thing in english is omit?) does not help

      What can i do?


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          If the ID is automatically generated by FileMaker by auto entering a serial value ( which is the normal procedure ), than you do not have any reason to worry.

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            Hi thank you for your reply

            Unfortunately, the ID is entered manually

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              Why is the ID entered manually? The unique values check cannot be done until the record is committed--which is what happens when you click outside the field. An OnObjectExit trigger can perform a script that commits the record.

              And from a database design point of view, the Client_ID really should be either an auto-entered serial number or Get ( UUID ) text string.

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                The company has a DB, where we only have restricted access, so we're building our own DB, as a kind of archive. So we get the Client_ID from the company... 

                I've tried committed when leaving client_ID, or entering another field... but no success.... don't get it why