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    Check Digit for barcode



      Check Digit for barcode


      I made a database to generate barcodes for a 20 character G128. I figured out how to do the check digit, but when I concatenate it with the code, it is separated on two lines.


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          Your concatenation formula works, however I have no way of knowing what data is in the two fields prior to the concatenation  

          Perhaps as a suggestion you look to your check digit calculation to be sure it's not adding anything to the result?.

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            I know this is sloppy programming and should be done with variables but I will only have a few hundred records. However the company that I am doing this for has hefty chargebacks for getting it wrong. I don't see where the return character came from.

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              Your formula is working perfectly ...

              But you must have a carriage return in your G128_Number field

              That is the only way I can get your formula to give me the problem you are describing

              Check the population of your G128_Number field.


              ps I always thought a GS1 128 Barcode didn't necessarily need a check digit and if it did the module 103 method was used to calculate it.

              I'm not saying your method is wrong, it just looks basically the same as an EAN13 check digit calculation. 

              It might be worth checking out ... If I'm wrong I apologise ...

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                Sometimes you look too hard to find an answer that should be obvious. There was a carriage return that was inadvertently put into the GS128_Number field, and it doesn't show when you are looking at it.

                We are doing this for shipments to LL Bean and they require a check digit for their 19 digit code- 20 in all.

                Thanks for the help.

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                  You might want to set up a filter expression as an auto-enter calculation that strips out characters, such as returns that would generate obvious errors.

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                    Or a quick and dirty way would be to set the maximum number of characters to 19.