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Check for Duplication over two fields

Question asked by DavidLoveridge on Dec 12, 2012
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Check for Duplication over two fields



     I am new to filemaker and having a good time working my way through some interesting challenges. The problem I can't get past at the moment is I am in a table and I am trying to stop duplicate entries being created in a table, but only if its a duplication of two fields.

     In the table there is a name and a year field. The name comes from a field in another table, the year is a restricted field that only allows 4 digit numeric number. I want to be able to create an entry for a person in a particular year, but only one entry per year. For example.

     You can create a record for 'Bob' in '2012', then a record for 'Bob' in '2013', 'Bob' in '2014' etc etc.

     But if there is already a 'Bob' in '2015' I want it to throw up an error and not create the entry. Then tell the person an entry for this person already exists for this year.

     How can I do this check over two fields?

     Thanks in advance.