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    Check if Filtered Portal is Empty



      Check if Filtered Portal is Empty


      I am trying to use conditional formatting on text based on whether a portal is empty. The portal contains a field called Test::Description and is filtered based on the field Test::Category for the value CatOne. I tried using


      but as I expected, this checks if there are any records with a description, not just records with Category CatOne. I also tried

      IsEmpty(Test::Description) and Test::Category = "CatOne"

      but not surprisingly this doesn't seem to work either.

      I suppose I could create a calculation field in Test that is based on description and category, but this database was created with a lot of extraneous fields, so I try not to add more fields if I can help it.

      Edit: Also, I am going to be doing this for four different portals filtered by "CatOne" "CatTwo" and "CatThree" and "CatFour" so I think I would have to create four new calculation fields if I were to go that route.