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Check in / check out scrip

Question asked by MusicAndPerformingArtsDept on Feb 23, 2012
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Check in / check out scrip


I am using the 'Lending Library' template in FM and have been adjusting it to meet our departments requirements. We are an educational facility (Music department) and our store room loans equipment to students and staff.

I am using the ID automation Native FM barcode generator to asign each item with a barcode using the 'Item' (Item name) feild as its source (ie. a barcode is derived from the name of the item). I have also added a 'search' option in the 'check out' process, as well as an automatic due date. I am very happy with the way this is working, as I can now scan an item's bar code, select 'check out' and search for a 'Contact (Student or Teacher) by scanning the students existing ID card into a search bar.

However the problem is that you can only check one item out at a time. I was not sure what the best way of setting it up to be able to check out multiple items at a time, as students and teachers will often borrow many items at one time. I am a little stuck as I have only been using FM for a few days now, has anyone got any suggestions to improve the check out process?