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    Check list suggestions



      Check list suggestions


           I'm currently building a hire termination check list where our HR Manager can make sure each new employee receives all their appropriate documents/tools and returns them if terminated.  I'm looking for suggestions on how to best approach this.

           I have one table which houses all the employee records and a second table (administrative TODO) that only has one record and a bunch of tabs and portals where I have all sorts of conditions that populate each appropriate portal when a particular TO DO action is required.  I'd like to include the hire termination check list as well.

           Here's where I would like some input.  My initial thought was to create a table for all the hire termination records.  In the employee records layout I have a create new employee record button, along with that script I was thinking of adding steps that would create a standard list of records in the hire termination table for each new employee with an relationship to the unique employee record ID so that they show up in a portal ... easy enough.

           Some of the elements in the list can vary, IE Keys, obviously depending on the employees position they can have a large array of keys.  Since creating elaborate list for each kind of employee for each kind of key seems too elaborate for the pay off I thought I would create another table that houses the different types of hire termination checks that can have multiple entries and have a second descriptor field.  When the type "Keys" is selected, the descriptor drop down will only show all the different types of keys and a button in the employee records to add to the hire termination check list would allow the user to add to and modify the hire termination check list for all the varying records.

           Last, any record in the hire/termination table that isn't marked as complete will show in a portal in the Administrative TO-DO layout.


           Is this the best way to go about this or are there any other suggestions?

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               Sounds Like you need these tables:


               Employees::__pkEmployeeID = CheckListItems::_fkEmployeeID
               MasterCheckLIst::__MasterCheckID = CheckListItems::_fkMasterCheckID

               For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

               Both MasterCheckList and CheckListItems have one record for each item on a check list. MasterCheckList contains all possible items that might appear on an employees check list. CheckListItems has one record for each such itme assigned to a given employee. A single value check box field in CheckListItems can record whether or not a given item has been completed for a given employee.

               A script can find all relevant records in MasterCheckList and create a matching record for a given employee in CheckListItems to create the needed list for that employee.

               If necessary, your Human Resources manager can further edit such a list in CheckListItems to handle any special cases that might arise.

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                 Right that's what I was trying to get at in a less concise manner ... are you saying that's the best way to approach the situation?

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                   From what I can see from here... yes.

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                     Thank you!