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    Check Multiple checkboxes in Filemaker Pro 12



      Check Multiple checkboxes in Filemaker Pro 12




           I'm very new to Filemaker Pro 12.


           I've created a table with a range of fields, and some of these fields I've set to be checkboxes - with one value called 'YES'.

           I've just imported some data from an excel sheet (previous form of data storage), with a column of YES - and in the import settings I specified this column to correspond to the checkbox field - however it hasn't marked the checkboxes as I would have expected in filemaker pro.

           What can I do to mark the new data with checked checkboxes - is there something I should have typed in the excel sheet fields, or is there something I can do to select and check a range of fields in filemaker?




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               If the check box is formatted for check boxes and the value list includes "yes" as one of the values, then importing "yes" into that field should show as having that check box selected.

               Two reasons why it wouldn't:

               1) The value imported isn't exactly the same as the value in the value list. It's not case sensitive, but a space imported with the letters "yes" would be enough to keep the check box from showing as selected.

               2) Is the field a field of type text or number? It should be defined as text in Manage | Database | fields.