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Check Multiple checkboxes in Filemaker Pro 12

Question asked by DanFarrell on Feb 28, 2014
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Check Multiple checkboxes in Filemaker Pro 12




     I'm very new to Filemaker Pro 12.


     I've created a table with a range of fields, and some of these fields I've set to be checkboxes - with one value called 'YES'.

     I've just imported some data from an excel sheet (previous form of data storage), with a column of YES - and in the import settings I specified this column to correspond to the checkbox field - however it hasn't marked the checkboxes as I would have expected in filemaker pro.

     What can I do to mark the new data with checked checkboxes - is there something I should have typed in the excel sheet fields, or is there something I can do to select and check a range of fields in filemaker?