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      I'm new to FM and have ported an Access solution over....


      Here's my question:


      I have a table that includes a checkbox field (text) that allows up to 21 seperate selections.  My question is....  How do I create a report that can summarize a record and count the selections made in the checkbox field?


      I feel stupid but I cannot figure this out!


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          To count the selections made in the checkbox field, you could use the ValueCount( ) function.

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            Do you want to count the selections in the field of a given record or count the records that have a specific value selected?

            Should this really be a checkbox group (where multiple values can be selected in one field for one record) or should it be radio buttons? (Only one value can be selected).

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              Hi Brett,

              A checkbox is fine, allowing multiple selections ... it actually turns a field into a mini-table and it is a handy tool.  But this mini-table cannot summarize.  For sake of example, you have Patients table with checkbox for Disorders and you want to summarize (count) how many Patients have each disorder.  You can produce a list of patients with one particular disorder simply by finding them and your found set is your count of that Disorder. You cannot produce a list like this:

              Disorder Alpha: total count = 3
              • Patient Adam
              • Patient Betty
              • Patient Cecil

              Disorder Bravo: total count = 4
              • Patient Betty
              • Patient David
              • Patient Eve
              • Patient John

              ... because the single record, "Betty" in the Patients table can not appear in two groups in the report.  So instead you need another table joining patients to disorders (where patient Betty would have 2 related 'disorder' records)...

              NB: this example was taken from an explanation by Comment few months back.

              It is not that difficult to turn the checkbox into related records and if you wish to go that route let us know.  :^)