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Question asked by AA on Mar 31, 2014
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     This is my first post in FM Forum and just started using Filemaker days ago.


     I would like to register some selected products from the market to recommend that for clients. This way I created 2 (3) tables, 

     Table 1 - Register Manufacturers

     Table 2 - Register Products

     Table 3 - Help table for categories according to the tutorial http://help.filemake...nal-value-lists


     In table 1 I would like to register product as attached drawing shows, I woud like to achive with some checkbox all together. (This will be about 50 checkboxes)

     In table 2 I want to register the products via sub categories - kind of filtering (tutorial). I use pop-up menus for this. Finally when I select the manufacturer from pop-up menu I could select the Manufacturers that produce Computer parts only.


     The problem is:

     Table 1 uses checkbox and each checkbox means one Field with the record of Yes/No

     Table 2 uses pop-up menus, and selects Records


     The question is how to connect Field (yes/no) with Records when I register a product and proper manufacturer for that.


     Currently I use Lynda for learning I would be appreciated if someone could suggest some "tags" to accomplish.