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Checkbox Calculation Script

Question asked by Tusquittee on Jul 19, 2013
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Checkbox Calculation Script



Hello everyone.  I’m not sure how to explain what I’m looking for.  I've been searching the posts, but feel like I’m searching for all the wrong terms.


Students progress through a program taking multiple courses over a period of time.  They register for a specific class offering of a specific course and then return the next session to take more classes.  I have a checkbox field containing each of the courses they need to take before graduation.  Is it possible to write a script to find each instance of where they were registered for the class AND received a passing grade.. and then use that information to check a box in the completed course field so we would be able to track their progress?


I’d like to run the script at the end of each session... which would update the student records with the classes they just took and passed.  


I think I need to set the checkbox field up as a calculation so that every time a specific class = one of the choices from the textbox it would become checked...but, not sure what that would look do i write a calculation to determine if the class they were in matches with one of the possible variables in the value list that creates the checkbox field....


Thanks for any advice.. or even if you just have another post I should read first..