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    Checkbox checked then add



      Checkbox checked then add


           In the invoice solutions, there is the tax checkbox.  Obviously if checked, it makes the tax amount.

           In the portal for items, etc (same place as the tax box) , I want to add a checkbox, that if checked it will total the amount on that line in another field.

           Basically I want to put materials and services on the lines.  If it is a material, I want to check the box, so I can get a materials total of JUST the materials in another field called materials total.



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               Why not have the value that you want to select with a check box be automatically looked up when you select that item in the portal?

               Whether you do that or not, you can have a single value in a field that is empty if it is not a material. Then you can define a calculation field as:

               If ( Not IsEmpty ( CheckBoxField ) ; Amount )

               You can then use a sum function or summary field to total this calculation field to get a "materials only" total.

               There are also ways to use a relationship or ExecuteSQL to get the same total.

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                 I am not a FM expert.  I build off the solutions/templates they give.  I have taught myself alot of FM, but when it comes to things like this, I honestly am clueless.  

                 I thought it would be an easy fix, but apparently not.........LOL

                 I appreciate your help......I think I am going to have to pay to have this done.......and that was what I was trying to avoid.

                 Thank you so much, you always help me, but this one, I am like, HUH???  LOL

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                   I'll be glad to respond to specific questions about the parts of this process, but Huh? isn't a question that I can answer. wink

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                     LOL smiley

                     Could I send you my actual database file?  Is there a way for me to send it to you?  Then you can look at it, and see what I have done?  And then when I ask a specific question, you would be able to answer it knowing the database?

                     Thanks - Jen

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                       Given the information posted so far, I don't really see the need to look at your file just yet.

                       I think you just need to take my directions and ask for more explanation at the point where understanding fails. You can post additional screen shots if needed to illustrate your question. A screen shot of Manage | Database | Relationships, for example can show what tables and relationships you have set up.

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                         OK, here is the relationships screen shot.  I will also send you screen shots of my portals.  Like I said, I know what I know from teaching my self, trial and error and the internet.  I was thinking of getting a Filemaker manual.  Most of my stuff is trial and error............

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                      /files/2b69f68f45/Screen_Shot_2013-12-17_at_8.13.20_PM.png 1269x714
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                             Ok, but what is the question? What's the first part of my suggestion that you are unable to follow and/or understand? I need that "starting point" before I can answer.