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Checkbox conditionals

Question asked by MagnusAxelsson on Dec 9, 2014
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Checkbox conditionals



I don’t think is so hard to solve, I’m just not that good at FileMaker.

What I want to do is print multiple layouts at the same time.
Using a script that looks like this works just fine:

Go to Layout [Layout 1]
Print [Perform without dialog]
Go to Layout [Layout 2]
Print [Perform without dialog]

And so on…

BUT…. I would like to be able to choose WHICH layouts to be printed.
And I would like to do it with checkboxes.

Let’s say I have 3 different layouts which I would like to be able to print.
And I want to have 3 checkboxes that represents a specific layout (to help me choose).

So, if I choose checkbox 1 and 3, layout 1 and 3 should be printed but not number 2 (see screenshot).

Is that possible to script?

I was thinking I should us “If” values, like If check box 1 = yes, print. If checkbox 2 = no, the skip to next checkbox check, (you get the idea).
But I could not make it work.