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    CheckBox Contact Information Selection



      CheckBox Contact Information Selection



           I have a list of records each containing their own sets of contact information each within their own fields i.e.: CompanyName, Address, Country, PhoneNumber, FaxNumber etc etc.

           I would like to build a dynamic check box list that displays the data from the fields listed above for it's own record only.  Then the user selects the check boxes and by doing so it allows the user to chose what contact information he or she would like to send out to others and I can't seem to wrap my head around building the right fields and relationships to make this happen :(

           Thank you.

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               So if a record had this information:

               Company: Acme Computing
               Fax: 555-5555
               Phone: 555-9999
               Address: 3238 Main Street

               Would the values for this set of checkboxes be:



               Acme Computing
               238 Main Street

               or did you have something else in mind?

               Or is it that you can do the check boxes but don't see how to use the values selected to control what values can be sent out as hard copy, PDF or file of exported data?

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                 I'd like to see the values list in the second example, Acme Computing etc. and I would like to have the ability to select only a few as often we do not need to dispatch all the contact information (most of the time the company name is enough) but sometimes it's nice to have the full details if it's a place we have never visited before.

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                   But note that you can't tell whether the phone numbers are for fax, office, cell....

                   I suggest an alternative that should provide the function that you need.

                   For each field where you want the option to select that field for output elsewhere, add a number field and format it with a single value check box where the only value in the value list is the number 1. Reduce the width of the field until only the check box is visible. Put it next to a contact field. Repeat for each other field where you want this option.

                   You can then set up a calculation field that combines only the data from those fields where the associated check box is selected. There are a lot of different ways to set up that calculation depending on the format that you want for this data. Here's one example that puts each set of contact info on a different row of text in the field:

                   List ( If ( CompanySelect ; CompanyName ) ;
                           If ( AddressSelect ; StreetAddress ) ;
                           If ( EmailSelect ; EmailAddress ) ;
                           If ( FaxSelect ; "Fax: " & FaxNumber ) ;
                           If ( OfficePhoneSelect ; "Office: " & OfficeNumber )

                   The fields that include "Select" in their names are the check box fields associated with that field.