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    Checkbox Fields and Perform Find



      Checkbox Fields and Perform Find



      My database of contacts has several checkbox fields - including, for example, fields for region and discipline. Some of these checkbox fields have been added as the database has developed, so, in many of the earlier data entries, the checkbox fields are now blank.

      I would like to be able to search my database for blank checkbox fields - that is, checkbox fields in which no data has been entered. I'd like to be able to find, for example, contacts for whom no region or no discipline is listed.

      I have tried a search which omits all the options in a checkbox field, but, unfortunately, this returns every single record because the programme appears to search for 'any' not 'all' of the desired omissions.

      I'd be very grateful for any advice on this,




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          You should be able to construct a working find by placing each checkbox value in a different find request, with each of them marked "Omit."  For example, if your values were A, B, and C, your find would have three requests: one omitting A, one omitting B, and one omitting C.  That'll find your empties (or actually anything that lacks A, B, and/or C, including blanks and "other").

          What I'd consider more ideal, though, if you have developer access to the file, is to use a script step (as in a button) that searches for an equals sign (which means "empty") in that field.  You could also do this manually if you had the same field in non-checkbox form on a layout somewhere.