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Checkbox Fields from MySql saying they are required

Question asked by user14691 on May 25, 2010
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Checkbox Fields from MySql saying they are required


I currently have the following set-up:


  • Filemaker Advanced & Filemaker Pro 11
  • Filemaker Server 10
  • ODBC Administrator 1.1.0
  • MYSQL Tables from a program called community builder
I have had filemaker set up for over a year to be integrated with the MYSQL tables from Community Builder. I recently upgraded to Filemaker 11 for our desktop clients but have not yet upgraded our filemaker server.
One of our databases that is integrated to the MYSQL tables using the ODBC driver is now telling me that any field that is a check box field on the website is required to have something entered into it. These are not fields that I have even had set up in the past to display on filemaker at all. If I don't enter anything in than I have to revert the record
Any ideas on what I might be able to do to stop having these fields be required.
I have gone into the backend of my tables on navicat and double checked that they are all set on the website to not be required.  I have also tried to manually in filemaker go into field options and check them as not required but it always overwrites it back to being required.