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Checkbox inside a portal

Question asked by EmmettOliver on Aug 4, 2011
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Checkbox inside a portal


I know this is going to sound elementary, but I cannot get a Print Select field to display properly inside a portal.  The field is there, but there is no box.  I set the value list to a "1" with the idea that checked = 1 and unchecked is "empty".  For some reason I cannot get the box to display unless i open a different database and use it outside of a portal as a regular field with two options, for example, gender with either M or F with two checkboxes.  Then, I have to play with the Inspector to get the checkbox to display, but in the portal no matter what I try, I cannot get just the box to display. 

What I want is a single box inside a portal that displays empty until selected or "checked".  Then it can be counted as "1" and be utilized for printing the "selected" row or rows of the portal.  I'm sure it's an obvious fix that i'm missing...Wink