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Checkbox issue

Question asked by johnw54 on Dec 21, 2012
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Checkbox issue


     I'm modifying the Invoice database from the starter solution.  The solution charges tax based on the Product.  I need to charge tax based upon the Customer.  So I modified the Lookup in the taxable field in Invoice Data to look at the taxable field in the Customer table which I added.   Now on the Invoice Detail Layout the taxable checkbox works backwards.  When I add a line item the taxable box is checked which I would expect if I've set the customer up that way but tax is not being charged.  When I uncheck the box then it charges tax.  The field in the Customer table shows a checkbox that is selected and a 0.  In the starter solution Product table it shows the checkbox checked with a 1 next to it.  I am set up just like the image but I am doing the Lookup from Customers table as the related table.