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    checkbox list



      checkbox list



      Im currently creating a database for personnel records. There is a static checklist of items that need to be completed with each employee and I am struggling trying to figure out how to create this. It would just be a line of text with a checkbox next to it. 
      Sorry if this is really simple but its truly stumping me!

      Thanks for your help in advance!


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          Start by adding a text field to your layout. You may need to add a field to the layout's table if you do not already have such a field defined. With the field added to your layout, select it while still in layout mode and use the data tab of the inspector to format it as a check box field. Use the controls next to it to select or create a value list of values for the checkk boxes. You can define a single value for the value list and have just one check box for this field or you can  define multiple values for multiple check boxes for your field. After adding multiple values, you may need to resize your check box field