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Checkbox Query

Question asked by GrahamKeogh on Jan 6, 2015
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Checkbox Query


Hi all

I have a jobs table, which within that has a portal displaying quotes associated with that job (there could be more than one per job). The portal displays items from the Quotation table, so it shows the date, quotation number, value, client PO, and hours quoted fields.

What I am trying to achieve is that there would be a click box or radio button beside each quote on the portal, and when selected it would make that quotation active. My intention is that then the quoted hours from this particular quote would then feed into the 'quoted hours' field on the jobs page.

Also, to complicate matters, there could be a few quotes active per job, as the job might change in scope! So each active quote would add to the quoted hours.

Just wondering what is the best approach?