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    CheckBox Range Find



      CheckBox Range Find


           Hello Experts, 

           I am working on  fmp solution that need range searching for check box, let me explain more, 

           01.  01 person can have maximum 8 choices . for example the choices are (10, 20, 30,40,50,60,70,80) and this is choices field is a check box.
           So imagine one person click 10 and 40 from the eheckbox another one select 30 and 40, and another person select 20 and 40 so on. (now its 3 records )

           so if i want to find the range that who selected 10  to 40, acordiong to this example  this  3  records should be in found count, how can i find it , I tried with filemaker find option, but it didnt find all the records in range, some records get missed.

           any help appricieated.

           Thanks .


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               If you are in Find Mode and check 10, 20, 30, 40 then Perform Find, FMP will look for fields with those numbers checked.

               If you are in Find Mode, check 10 - then create New Request, check 20 - New Request, check 30 - etc Perform Find.
               You should get records with any one of those checked.


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            "so if i want to find the range that who selected 10  to 40, acordiong to this example  this  3  records should be in found count"

            What if someone checks 20 and 50 ? Should that record  be in the found count too ?

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                   If you used two separate fields, one for the minimum and one for the maximum value, with a radio button format, this would be much simpler to set up.

                   But using the specified interface design...

                   You should add at the very least a validation option that limits the user to only choosing 2 values in this field. Choosing 1 or more than two will create problems.

                   Then, see this method for setting up an auto-enter calculation that ensures that the values in this field are stored in the same order as the list of values instead of in the order that they were clicked.

                   Then you can set up two calculation fields:

                   cMinValue: LeftValues ( YourcheckboxField ; 1 )

                   cMaxValue: RightValues ( YourcheckboxField ; 1 )

                   In both fields, select Number as the result type so that the values in these fields will evaluate correctly in your find.

                   Then you can set up find citeria in these two calculation fields to find all records with a range that is enclosed by the range you specifiy.

                   cMinValue: ">" & UserSpecifiedMinValueHere

                   cMaxValue: < & UserSpecifiedMaxValueHere

                   The specified min and max values can be global number fields--either where the user directly enters the value or extracted from a field where the user clicked check boxes like what is in your individual records.