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Checkbox reports- How do I get the find function to insert what is checked off

Question asked by JRemsen on Dec 28, 2009
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Checkbox reports- How do I get the find function to insert what is checked off


HI Guys need a little help here,


Version : Filemaker 10 Pro

Exp: Relatively new to Filemaker scripting but not to programming. 



So I guess what I am trying to do is use a valuelist in checkbox form to choose what will be on a report.


I looked all over the place on the internet and in the books but I am not really getting what I am looking for, or at least not that I can understand so I hope you guys can help.


I have a layout that is called "All reports". On this layout is a rather large value list (more then 20 items) in check box form. Below this layout I have two buttons.


Its a project tracking database so the first button is "Open Projects" the second "Closed Projects"


My objective is to be able to choose any of the locations listed in the value list by check mark and then press the button for open(incomplete) projects or closed(completed)


Pressing these buttons would run a script that creates a report of what is open or closed.


If I check two check boxes and then press the open projects button I want it to only find those records that are related to my checkbox selection in the report but I don't see how to do it.


I have looked at find Mode-insert calculated result but check boxes aren't calculated or at least I don't know how to tell filemaker to go Get my checkboxes. I tried Perform Find but there is no checkbox function and I don't know where filemaker would have stored those items that were checked. I don't see any way of passing the checkbox's to a script directly either.


the end result would be, Check off as many items as you would like to search for in some type of find statement and click the button to generate the reoprt based on that find.


Akk what am I missing!