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Checkbox Selection to set Date

Question asked by JasonMcCullough on Apr 5, 2013
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Checkbox Selection to set Date


     Hey guys,


     using the assests template and modifying it to suit my needs but I need to be able to set assets to a renewel date for testing periods. 


     I have set up a checkbox system which is 3 months, 6 months or 12 months and I want the renewel date to auto fill for me. 


     Can anyone explain how to do this im new to filemker and while worked out most other things im getting stuck on this. 


     Also is there anyway to set it so that I can get a list and reminders as to when I need to retest equipment for instance

     Item 1 - Assigned to (fred) renew 6 months

     but I want a reminder in 4 months that fred has items that need to be retested so I need to then be able to access his files so I know which items and location they are in...does that make sense? 


     Thanks in advance