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    Checkbox Set field - FMP 11



      Checkbox Set field - FMP 11



      I currently have a field that is comprised of a checkbox set (with three options). Is there any way to include a button somewhere on my layout that tells the system to check all boxes with the same option? For example, I have the following boxes: New, Revision, Duplicate. Is there a way to tell the system to select New for all records?


      Also, this needs to be web compatible.



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          There's a field option that will automatically set the value of your field to "new" when the record is first created. That what you want?


          If so, Double click the field definition in Manage | Database | Fields, select the auto-enter tab, click the data check box and enter New into the data box.

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            Thanks Phil!

            That is part of it. But I was also wondering if, for example, they were all checked new and now they all need to go to revision. Is there a way to do that?

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              Yes, but you need to look out for situations where another user may have locked the record because they are editing it.


              If you can do this when there are no other users, you can use Replace Field contents to set a value for all fields in the found set.


              If not, then you should write a script that loops through your records and uses set field to assign a value. Then you need to include code that checks to see if the record is locked and devise some way to handle that situation.