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Checkbox to calculate multiple values

Question asked by RobertGardner on Sep 2, 2010
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Checkbox to calculate multiple values


I have a receipts layout from which I run a few reports that run sub-summaries off of the payment method.  

On the actual layout, I have 3 input boxes: cash, check, and credit.  Also a calculation field formatted as a checkbox that marks whether the method is cash, check, or credit based on whether the corresponding fields are empty or not.

Sometimes, however, I have customers that pay with two methods, and I would like to have the checkbox calculation result in two values, but I'm not sure how this can be accomplished.

The reason for this is that on my daily accounting report, I have a sub-summary part that sorts by the payment method.  It currently only has to deal with one at a time and posts the total paid in the summary field, but I'd like to be able to have it split up the payments between payment methods if possible.

Here's my calculation for the checkbox field:

If (GetField (Cash) > 0; "Cash";

If (GetField (Check) > 0; "Check";

If (GetField (Credit) > 0; "Credit";

If (Invoice Total ≤ 0; "Discount";

If (Total Paid  ≥  0 and Owed < 0; "Acct Balance";

If (GetField (Cash) > 0  and GetField (Check) > 0; ... "Cash Check" not sure what to do here??? ...