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Checkbox to create list

Question asked by PeteSchlosser on Sep 11, 2012
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Checkbox to create list


     I had this working before but I haven't used filemaker in a while and I've forgotten how to accomplish this. I'm not even sure what to ask but here goes...

     I have a series of fields labeled 1-8 in a column and a checkbox beside each field. I would like the value of the field/fields in each numbered line to be passed to another layout if the checkbox is clicked. Does that make sense?


     First Layout

     1. Field1, Field2, Field3 (checkbox clicked)

     2. Field1, Field2, Field3 (checkbox unclicked)

     3. Field1, Field2, Field3 (checkbox clicked)


     Second layout

     1. Field1, Field2, Field3

     2. (Fields are blank because checkbox is not clicked)

     3. Field1, Field2, Field3


     Any help would be greatly appreciated!