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    checkbox to open a group of fields?



      checkbox to open a group of fields?


      is there a way to do just that?  imagine this scenario?  the user selects the checkbox and a group of fields opens up, which includes address, city, state, and etc.  that way the the form view is kept clean, but at the same time allows for more fields to be available if necessary.

      2nd question and it's about the value list

      how do you add information downward?   like putting "need to email" and "already emailed" in one column.

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          If making efficient use of layout space is your main concern, you might just place these fields on the tab of a tab control. Then they are one click away if you need them and out of sight/out of the way if you do not.

          I don't follow your 2nd question. What do you mean by "add information downward"? Can you post an example of what you want to do?

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            about the 2nd question, what i mean is how do you add more information to a column? 

            need to email               restaurant              

            already emailed           catering

            don't email

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              But what is the column?

              A portal?

              A single field sized to hold multiple lines of text?

              Values in a checkbox formatted field?

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                Values in a checkbox formatted field.

                i'm trying to accomplish this with the checkbox.  resizing the checkbox will only partially complete the job, but that doesn't arrange the information in the columns that i want.  again, i thank you for answering my questions.

                need to email               restaurant                white             

                already emailed           catering                     hispanic

                                                    bakery                       black

                                                    bar                            asian

                                                    club                           vietnamese


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                  regarding your second question, you could try entering:

                  need to email

                  already emailed

                  - (dash)






                  to place a 'blank' to pad out the field, then size your checkbox field appropriately....


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                    Well I wouldn't use a checkbox field for this due to the layout problems it creates. You can base your value list on a field in a table so you can add values simply by adding a new record in this table, but you won't be able to see the new values once the list is longer than space you've allowed for your value list and adding more space requires entering layout mode and changing your layout.

                    I'd use a different approach to presenting the user with a list of values such as a drop down list or a popup menu. If needed, I might even display the values in a portal where one record = 1 value. This gives me a scrolling list of values that can be any length needed and I can even filter the portal to pull up subsets of the total list to make it more manageable. It's quite a bit more work to set up with a global field and scripts that manipulate the list of values in the global field in order to select and deselect values listed in the portal, but it does work and provide options you can't get with a simple value list.