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CheckBox Values

Question asked by gldiaz on Apr 17, 2011
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CheckBox Values


I help a little league baseball team. I am needing help on the following:

1. I have a Layout with multiple Tabs.  In the tabs, I have a Category with a series of Check boxes where it looks like this.

    The Tab is =    Pitchers / Catchers,  Under it is a selection of Players, i.e.

    Johnnie DOE :[] Right hander

                         [] Left Hander

                         [] Fast ball pitcher

                         [] Slow pitch

                         [] Strong fielder 

Here's my question.  If I chose any or all the fields, can I "On set up, designate each fiedl to have a value come up when I check the

field.?"  Ex. Right handers might be issued a (10),   Left Handers (5), etc. down the list.

So it would look like: [x] Right handers " if checked" shows:         [x] Right handers    = 10

                               [x] Fast ball pitcher "If checked" shows :      [x] Fast ball pitcher   = 5

     Totals: Johnnies (2) checked with a                                                           total of   15.

   This would then allow me to learn the strenght and weakness to work on with each player. Therefore can in the 'VALUE LIST" setup

allow to be issued "rating or value numbers" or is there a better way when using a series of check boxes to give them values?

Thanks in advance for any help.