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Checkbox Values

Question asked by 2859 on Jul 10, 2012
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Checkbox Values


 I have a field called EmptySeats on a Layout.  This contains the Checkbox Set that I have defined in a Value List. When I check a box, all of the values go to the same Row in a table.  I tried to write a script to add a record to the table and enter the CheckBox Value - but it just adds a "0" on the line.  Is the checkbox value not the value that displays?

My Script is:

If [EmptySeats::SeatNo]

    Set Variable [$$Seat;value:EmptySeats:SeatNo]

    Go to Layout ["tblEmptySeats"]

    New Record/Request

    Set Field [EmptySeats:SeatNo;EmptySeats::SeatNo=$$Seat]

End If

It adds the record, but puts a "0" in the SeatNo field.

What am I doing wrong?