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Checkbox-style point of sale

Question asked by Corné on Nov 17, 2012
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Checkbox-style point of sale


     Hello all,

     I'm trying to accomplisch an apparently simple task, nevertheless I still have not succeeded. Please help me out?

     I try to make a solution, to rent tools. Since we only rent 3 tools, we like to tick checkboxes to select the tools, say Hammer, Drill, Wheelbarrow. The more days you rent the tools, the higher the discount. Therefor I made a table 'Tools' with three records, each record with an ID, description and 7 fields for each day of the week, where we have entered prices to rent the tool for the corresponding days. There is also a table 'invoices with the client's info (ID) and 3 fields where I would like to see the right prices for the corresponding tools, for the days they are rented.

     With two fields the begin and end date is selected, so FM can calculate the number of rental days. Would you please help me out how I get the price for e.g. the drill to rent it for 5 days so I can add the selected tools and the prices on the invoice? I'm unable to find the right way to select field 5 of the second record to lookup the price by selecting the corresponding checkbox.

     Thanks in advance!