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    Checkbox/Radio Button Updating Another Field



      Checkbox/Radio Button Updating Another Field




      I have a radio button set field with a value list of Approved, Denied attached to it. When someone clicks Approve, I want another field called "Approved By:" to be populated with Get ( AccountName ). How do I go about doing this? I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.3 and FileMaker Server Advanced 10. I want this to be compatiable with IWP. I know some calcations or functions will not work on the IWP. Thanks!

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          Howdy wkparkjoe,

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          Check out the following post:

          Script with radio button


          If you combine it with the Get(AccountName) function I think you'll get what you're looking for.

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            Hi Ninja!


            Thanks for the reply. That was a good solution you linked because by setting a transparent button over the radio button,  to work with IWP. Plus the button can have a script attached to it to update the radio button as if it was clicked and also execute the script for putting the person's account in another field. Thank you again and thank you for the welcome to the forum. I'm a IT professional/database programmer with on and off experience with file maker. But I'm finding more and more uses with IWP and filemaker.

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              The drawback I find is that overlaying a radio button with anything that consumes a button click means that the radio button itself does not get "clicked". This means that the overlaying button has to "make the click happen" on the radio button as well. (Perhaps that is common to all controls, I didn't investigate).


              My problem is slightly different, in that I want to update another field with the value of the selected radio button. e.g. "Current Date - order_status". I found another solution which is to add a script trigger to OnObjectModify event


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                Howdy Donkey,


                The OnObjectModify script trigger is certainly a more direct way to accomplish the task and I would have recommended that approach save for one thing.  My understanding is that script triggers do not mesh with IWP and the OP mentioned IWP.  The transparent box is a pseudo-"script trigger" that will work when the actual trigger is not available.


                This approach is also a good approach in FMP8 and FMP9 where there are no script triggers available (They arrived in FMP10).


                Good info, thanks for adding onto the thread...

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                  Hi Ninja,


                  Opps, yes I am new to FileMaker and have started at v.10 (lucky me!). I don't know if my approach is supported in IWP but it seems unlikely as you pointed out.