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      I'm working a database for a small educational institute.

      The institute offers courses that consist of different modules. Students follow these courses (module packages), but they can also follow only parts of the course and possible. additional modules to follow.

      For billing I want to nominate for each student which modules it follows. I created a table "contacts" in which the contact details are provided, and in which the coupled modules have to be assigned. I also have a table 'Modules' where all the individual modules are described and a table 'Course', in which different modules can be coupled to a course.

      I would now like to define wich modules are to be followed bij a student, using checkboxesIn order to make the entry easier I want to make an opportunity to choose for particular course, making the modules that apply automatically be checked. There also should be an option for this selection still could change if a student for example, doesn't follow certain modules of the course , or will be following additional modules outside of the course.

      Any ideas how I can get this done?

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          Before we get to checkboxes, it seems like you need another table to link Contacts (students) to the courses that they will take or possibly to the modules that make up those courses:

          Contacts----<Enrollment>----Modules>-----Courses    (---< means "one to many" )

          Enrollment is a "join table" that would record each module that you assign to a given student in contacts.

          Rather than check boxes, I'd place a portal to enrollment on the contacts layout and use it to list each module assigned to that student. The enrollment records can also record any data on whether the student successfully completes the module.

          Once you have that basic structure working, there are several options that can be used so that you can select a Course for a student and all the relevant modules can be added in one step to the enrollment table and properly linked to the current contact record.