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           Table1: Per community, information is gathered of 'name community'; 'part of project A, B or C'; 'date of our first visit there'; 'date of our second first visit'; 'date of our third visit'. If the first, second and/or third visit are not executed yet, these fields are blank.

           Table2: Information about our projects. Using a portal, I would not only like to have a list of the communities we are active in, per project (I succeeded in this already), but I also would like to have checkboxes that show whether the first, second and third visit is already completed. So I would get a list of communities that are part of the project, and then have three checkboxes next to each community.

           Is this in fact possible? Would be great!








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               Define a custom value list with the values "first visit" ; "second visit" ; "third visit"

               Define a calculation field, cVisitList as:

               List ( If ( Not IsEmpty ( Date of 1st visit ) ; "first visit" ) ; if ( Not IsEmpty ( Date of 2nd visit ) ; "second visit" ) ; if ( Not IsEmpty ( Date of 3rd visit ) ; "third visit" ) )

               Put cVisitList on your layout and format it as a check box group with this custom value list. The quoted text in the calculation must exactly match a value in the custom value list for this to work.

               Note: the above method works without redesigning your table, but if you added a related table to record the date of each visit, you gain flexibility and your needed check box field becomes easier to set up as well.

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            How do I get these checkboxes linked to each community? I do get the three checkboxes (first, second and third visit); but what I have in mind is kind of the display of a list of communities (rows) with three columns (column 1 = first visit; column 2 = second visit; column 3 = third visit) next to that list. I only want the names of the columns displayed, and thus after every comunity only three checkboxes.