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Checkboxes and multiple relationships

Question asked by MichaelRiordan on Jan 22, 2012
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Checkboxes and multiple relationships


I am a newcomer to FileMaker scripting, I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere.

I have a database which records details of events, and details of people who sign up to these events.


  • I have two tables.


  1. tblPeople) records details of people who sign up to an event.
  2. tblEvents records details of the events (date, time, place, etc.)


  • There is an = relationship between field tblPeople::eventTitle and field tblEvents::Title. In tblPeople


  • tblPeople:eventTitle is a checkbox field which takes values from a value list populated by records in tblEvents::Title

I want to use FM11's email function to send emails to people in tblPeople, and I want to include in each email sent a list containing details of each event they have signed up for, taken from records for those events contained in tblEvents.

Using FM's send email function to send the email, I enter the following in the Message box:

"¶Dear " & tblPeople::Name & ",¶¶¶You have been signed up for the following events:¶¶" & tblPeople::evnetTitle & "¶¶You have specified the following dietary requirement: ¶¶" & tblPeople::Dietary requirements¶¶You have been signed up for the following events:¶¶".

Here tblPeople::eventTitle quite correctly returns a carriage return-seperated list matching the check boxes selected in tblPeople::eventTitle.

If I now add a field from the tblEvents table, say tblEvents::Date, the email which is generated only contains the contents of the record which matches the first checked box in the tblPeople::eventTitle field. 

My question is how do I get it to return a result for each checked box?

Sorry again if this sounds elementary, I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere. Presumably there is some simple code that repeats the action for every checked checkbox?