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Checkboxes are the devil

Question asked by TravisMolleck on Feb 8, 2011
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Checkboxes are the devil


I'm building an inventory database that covers everything (software, hardware, printers, etc) for my department. What I want to do is this

each computer picks an area (department)

a checkbox having the software applicable for that area is populated

then we can click on the software actually installed on that computer.

I've almost got it to work! but the problem I have now is that if I click on the any of the titles showing up in that check box, the first title selected checks or unchecks rather than the title I'm clicking on.

I know discribing my problem doesn't do a lot, so I've uploaded a stripped version of my database here

Thank you for all the help, if you've looked at the database and though "wow this guy doesn't know what he's doing" you're prolly right.