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    Checkboxes for multiple records to be shown on one layout



      Checkboxes for multiple records to be shown on one layout




      I am having a difficult time with my layout. I have a JPEG of a room blueprint which is my basis for my layout and this room contains several internet patch ports. Each port is listed in my table with the switch and port that it goes to and how that switch is to be configured. This is in a hotel's meeting space. I want to draw checkboxes over the map in the correct places that the ports are in the room and then be able to click in those checkboxes to set the corresponding field as an active port. My issue is that FMP does not seem to allow me to display multiple fields from multiple records on one layout without it being a table or list. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      This is just a form to send to our NOC to configure the network ports, I am not directly configuring any hardware with the output.

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          Thank you for your post.


          You can definitely display multiple fields from multiple records on a layout.  Here is an example that may give you some ideas.


          1. Create a table "ROOM" with the following fields:


          PatchPort1 (Text)

          PatchPort2 (Text)

          PatchPort3 (Text)


          2. Create a table "PORTS" with the following fields:


          PatchPort (Text)

          Description (Text)


          3. Add the following five records to PORTS:


          PatchPort - Description

          1 - Port connected to wall socket

          2 - Port connected to ceiling fan

          3 - Port connected to air conditioner

          4 - Port connected to light switch

          5 - Port connected to projector


          4. In "Manage -> Database...", click the Relationships tab and connect ROOM:: PatchPort1 to PORTS:: PatchPort.


          5. While still in Relationships, click the bottom left icon to add another table occurrence.  Select PORTS, and you will now see "PORTS 2".  Connect ROOM:: PatchPort2 to PORTS 2:: PatchPort


          6. Repeat step 5 above and you will see "PORTS 3".  Connect ROOM:: PatchPort3 to PORTS 3:: PatchPort


          7. Exit out and go into Layout Mode.  Select the layout that shows the ROOM information.  Drag a new field onto the layout below PatchPort1, and select PORTS:: PatchPort.


          8. Do the same above for PatchPort2 (PORTS 2:: PatchPort) and PatchPort3 (PORTS 3:: PatchPort)


          9. Go into Browse Mode and enter "1" into PatchPort1.  You will see "Port connected to wall socket".  In PatchPort2, enter "3", and you will see "Port connected to air conditioner".  In PatchPort3, enter "5", and you will see "Port connected to projector".


          That is, you have information from three different records displaying on this form.  If you had other fields in PORTS, they would also be accessible through PORTS 2 and PORTS 3.  Does that make sense?


          Please contact me if you need clarification for any of the above steps.



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            Thanks so much for the reply. It worked just like you said and this seems to get me closer, but I am not quite getting my head around it yet.


            I do see that the value from the PORTS table is displaying in the layout and how the value of PatchPortx is changed to affect this field. But I do not need to change the value in the displayed field other than "checked/not checked". Another thing is the amount of data, I have over 400 ports in 40 rooms.


            Maybe it would work better to have a table for each room with only one record that has a field for each port with the value being a boolean "active/not active"? The main DB would lookup the value of each table.


            My main DB fields are:



            Patch (these are the ones in the rooms)

            Room (several Patches per room)

            State (active/not active)

            HVLAN (Default)

            CVLAN (For custom VLAN numbering)

            Authentication (0/1. Portal off/on)

            IP (Public/Private/Default)


            This is all the data I need. Several of the fields are configured with global settings others would be tweaked in the layout/report that is exported and sent to the NOC. 


            This will run on a tablet and the layout is just a picture of the room with checkboxes representing the ports. Click on a checkbox and that port is "active", while in another layout only the "active" ports are display in a table and this can be printed to PDF and sent to the NOC to configure the room.


            Again I am very thankful for your help. I used to program in VB and I feel I could whip this out pretty quickly in it if I had not thrown the diskettes out years ago, while FMP has me a but flummoxed I feel it can do the job with elegance.


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              First, I'm glad the information I provided helped.


              You can look at a Checkbox field to either contain or not contain data, much like the PatchPortx fields I used.  However, you provided some additional information that might help your solution.  You mentioned having "over 400 ports in 40 rooms".  Obviously, there will be multiple ports per room, but can the same port be used in different rooms?  It doesn't sound like it, and your main database fields sort of implies it.  If so, you can create a table with 40 records signifying the rooms, and with it, 40 layouts that shows drawings of each room.


              How many patches can you have for each port?


              What would you like the reports to look like? 


              This isn't a solution, but more for you to think about how you want to display the information and report it.


              Keep me posted with your progress.



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