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Checkboxes inside portal

Question asked by MatBou on Mar 15, 2011
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Checkboxes inside portal


Hi, first post here :)

Goal: basic attendance database for a martial art school


- students (contacts infos, 1 record per students)

- class (1 record per class, date, time, students group, etc)

- attendance (1 record per student attendance per class)

On my Class layout, i select which group this class is for and it populates my portal, showing students from this group.

So far so good. 

Problem appears when I want a way to select if each student is present or absent.

I've set this up with a value list (from the Class table) that is displayed inside each portal rows (each students from this group).

Once I change this value for a student, it changes it for all student in the portal.

I've understood that this happens because of my relationship between Students and Class (which is based on GroupID) and the fact that the "attendance" value list is from the Class table.

My goal was to trigger a script that would create an Attendance record for that student (for this class, on that date, etc).

I'm not sure how to solve this thing (having all the students attendance changing when I change only one in my portal).

Any pointers ?

PS: im just starting this database, I can screw everything and start over if my structure is wrong, which probably is...