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Checking alternate fields when entering new data

Question asked by DanW on Mar 30, 2012
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Checking alternate fields when entering new data




I am trying to create a script to perform a comparison when entering new data.  Here is my situation:

There is a field for Client name and there is a second field for Unpaid Invoice.

I would like it if, when entering a client's name into a new record, FileMaker would display a warning if the entered name has unpaid invoices in any other record.  We have a separate client database, and the Unpaid Invoice is in the form of a Yes/No radio button set. 


I have a script that currently brings up all of the client's records, but I have to switch layouts to quickly view the past invoices and gauge the status of their payment.  It also makes entering new clients (with no previous invoices) a hassle.

What would be a more efficient way to achieve this?