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Checking commit status across multiple windows?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jan 25, 2012
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Checking commit status across multiple windows?


We have a system in place to prevent users from locking out the database due to inattention, leaving, etc.  Essentially it is a timed script (triggered on layout entry) that checks the contents of the active field and compares it to...something; obviously a bit fuzzy on the details.  We have many different users who might be making changes at the same time, not to mention that we developers might also need to make changes.  So we don't want someone to THINK they are done editing, but in reality they are sitting there holding the record hostage.


We have noticed a problem with this, however.  If a user makes a change in a field (specifically a drop down list, where it has the somewhat hidden characteristic of staying in focus and not committing after picking an item) and then navigates to a different window (using a button on the original layout), their edits in the original window will not get committed because the current 'active' field is in the new window and not the old window, and it hasn't changed (most likely).  This is even though each window is running its own version of the script. 


Any thoughts or suggestions about implementing a system like this?