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Checking houses database

Question asked by ArendJanSteenhuisen on Feb 3, 2013
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Checking houses database


     Hello everyone,

     After many years I strta working again with a relational datbase system; Filemaker. I am now working on a program with a customer database (invoices and stuff like that). These customers own houses and we, asa company, check these houses on a regular base (weekly, two weekly). To do so we have created Checklists in Excel. In these Checklists we have defined all the romms in the house and all the spots outside that need to be checked. (Kitchen, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Garden, garage etc. etc.). In these checlists we fill in a Yes or a No if  sotehing is wrong with that part of the house.

     For every customer the house is unique. So one house has two bedrooms, another has 12 bedrooms. Besides that we also have another routing for each house. In house A we start checking in Bedroom 1, in another house we start checking the Hall. 

     So I need to define a house, with it´s rooms for every customer. That is not a big problem. 

     Second step is to register the checks. We check in every room on, for exmaple; Smell, Humidity, Windows, Doors, lighting etc. On these points we also add a Yes or a No. So we have a house, with it´s rooms and in these rooms we have the checkpoints.

     Now I want a database with all checks (dates) and results of the checks. From this I want to create a PDF file and send it to the customer. Of course I also want to keep track of all historical data (We also register the water meter for example). 

     My problem now is (besides a headache of thinking) that I want to create a database with The clientnumer, checkdate and the checks (details of the check). But that sounds like a table in table. ANother option for me is to create fields with the data from another record (??).

     Does anybody understands what I mean and maybe can help me?