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    checking reliability between two files



      checking reliability between two files


           I need to assess the aggreement between two people who entered data in separate files that contain the same fields. Does anyone know how to check the reliability (i.e., percentage of agreement) between each record for 2 separate files?


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               Is there just one table to compare in each file?

               Is there a primary key field in that table? (A primary key is a field that uniquely identifies each record in the table.)

               If so, you can go to Manage | Database | Relationships and click the bottom far left button to add a new Table Occurrence. Use the Add FileMaker Data Source option in Data Source drop down to select the table in the other file.

               Then link the primary key fields to form a one to one relationshp between the two tables.

               This would allow you to create a calculation field such as:

               ( ( Field1 = RelatedTableField1 ) + ( Field2 = RelatedTableField2 ) + //and so forth for each field you want to compare ) / Number of fields

               You can then place that field on your layout and format it as a percent to show the percent agreement.

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                 Yes, there is just one table to compare in each file. I think, based on your intstructions, I figured out how to do it.

                 The main problems now are:

                 1. I'm not sure how to verify that it is correct (that I have definitely compared all fields of interest for each record, between 2 files)

                 2. how to define the calculation field as a percent

                 Also, I only created the new calculation field in one of the files, which is fine, just wanted to make sure that is an expected result.

                 If you have any other advice in regards to my current concerns or this issue in general, it would be much appreciated!



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                   1) You can enter layout mode and use the field tool to add all the fields from the related table occurrence, placing each side by side with their corresponding field in the layout's table so that you can visually compare the data in each pair of fields. You could also use Table View and then use the Modify button to add these fields to the Table View.

                   2) The calculation field as specified in my first post here already calculates the needed percent value. To repeat from my previous post, you can then format the calculation field to display with percent notation.

                   Select the field while in layout mode, select the Data tab in the inspector. Scroll to the bottom of the tab and select the Percent Number format. Not only can you specify that the number display with the % symbol and the decimal shifted two places, you can also select the number of decimal places that you want to see.