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Checking to see if field is empty and if it is going to the next one

Question asked by jimumbel on Sep 19, 2009
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Checking to see if field is empty and if it is going to the next one


Hi everyone!

First time poster here so thanks in advance. I'm using Filemaker Pro 8.5, am self-taught and I'v had a lousy teacher! Here's my problem:


I have 10 fields on a template.(actually there may be more but I only need the concept) Each field is blank when a student joins my club (shotokan karate) When they take a test I enter that information into my computer with the date (separate field) the test was given. The first field will be 0 kyu for a new student. If they pass their first test they will be 9 kyu. Next 8 kyu, 7 kyu, 6 kyu,  and so on with each ranking being a separate field. I want to have Filemaker to look at the last field in this group and see if it has information in it. If it does it will fill in that info on another template automatically. If not it will go to the previous field and do the same check until it finds the students last test result and then it will use that. This info will go on a template that prints out a pre-test sheet (think grading) that I will use during the actual test. I will check off (with pen/pencil) how they do in different areas and give a final grade after the test. Now, after the test I enter the results into the computer and print out a new sheet (template) with the old rank (before the test) and the new rank (after the test) and post it on the bullitin board. Is there any way to do this automatically? I would imagine it would have to use the date function to tell if the rank is within 30 days or less (just tested) or more than that for their former rank. This goes on about 3 times a year.

I don't have any fields pre-defined so feel free to call them whatever makes sense but Rank1, Rank2, Rank3, and Date_Rank1, Date_Rank2, Date_Rank3, and so one seems logical to me. Anyone want to help an old budokai out?