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Checklist and Containers

Question asked by Vicky on Dec 5, 2013
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Checklist and Containers


     Hi everyone,

     I am using a trial version of Filemaker 13. I have two tables, one is icons which contains pkIconID(serial num), iconName (text), iconPicture (container field), and a checkbox using a value list with the custom value of 1.  The other table is model which contains pkModelID(serial num) and modelName(text).

     Each model needs to have a checklist that includes all the icons.  When an icon or icons are selected by clicking the checkbox next to it, the selected icons' name and picture will be used to create a "label" (probably will be a pdf) for the model.  For example:

     Model is a computer mouse. if I select the icons bluetooth and usb, a small label will be created that will have a picture of bluetooth and usb and the words bluetooth and usb next to the respective picture. 

     I don't know how I should create the relationship between icons and model.  I have tried to use a cartesian relationship, but when I clicked an icon for one model, the rest of the models also have that same icon. 

     I also don't know how to go about creating the "label." I don't know how to get only the selected icons to show up on another layout.

     Should I be trying to use a cartesian relationship or should I try something else?