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Checklist style purchase sheet...?

Question asked by erob on Feb 12, 2010
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Checklist style purchase sheet...?


Hey guys,


We have a long list of inventory that could basically be stored in a Product Catalogue style template that FileMaker offers.


What I want to add to this is the ability to place orders using this inventory list. I'd want to list the inventory and just have a box at the end of each row for the number of the items they'd like to take. This would then be summarized and totaled.


I'm kinda of a noob at this and am having trouble wrapping my head around the best way to structure this list would be. I'd create a second table and have an order ID for each order...I'd list the items in a list layout...but how will I be able to create a simple number box solution at the end of each row...


A second step would be to reduce the amount of instock items based on previous orders...


I'd like to add that we're a production company and the items that are "ordered" are actually returned for the most part so they'd have to be restocked in the database as well...


If you guys could give me an idea on how to head forward with this, that would be awesome. I kinda have an idea but it would be great to curb the amount of false starts and deadends I could potentially head towards.


Thanks. Happy valentine's to all you love bugs.