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Chemical database

Question asked by PamelaSnyder on Jun 24, 2015
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Chemical database


I am using filemaker Pro 13 to manage a molecular laboratory - I am not a developer. 

I have a table for all the unique chemicals that are ordered.  I am looking for a system for tracking items as they are ordered and received.  I was thinking of using a 3 table system.

So the first table "chem list" contains a record for each unique item that is ordered - the second table  "ordered" is a holding file for items that have been ordered - I was hoping to duplicate the record or some subset of fields from the first table - and add a order date and quantity ordered  - but I'm not sure which tools to use.

then when the item arrived I would like to transfer the record out of the "ordered" table into a third table "chem inventory" where specific info like received date, lot number and expiration date fields could be added.

The first and the third table already exist - but I would like to streamline the creation of the  table 3 - inventory records to avoid errors and save time.  what is the best way to set this up?