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Child table in tab or portal

Question asked by vcdpp on Jul 25, 2011
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Child table in tab or portal


In my role I have a LOT of projects going, and each one shares a significant number of tasks. Sp on one table I have projects, identified by a unique identifier (PK_Project ID)

In another table I have all the tasks that I typically have to perform for any given project. I included in that table a foreign key, and have linked the two tables, Primary Key to Foreign Key.

My question: Can I display from a detailed view of ONE project, all the tasks, and input information (Yes/NO or Date or check mark for done) for any/all of these tasks for that project, say in a tab or portal? I have no problem displaying the Task fields in a tab (learned the hard way not to put a portal in a tab) but I can't seem to enter data into the fields, or know if they are going to be tied to that project.

What am I missing? See attached layout view of my Project Details layout with my beginning to place tasks in a tab.