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    Choose a category for a Report



      Choose a category for a Report


           I have a field that contains 6 different values from a value list.

           When I print it would be great if I could click a report button and have a dialog that says "Which Value Do you want a report for" or "Print All Values" report.

           Could somebody please point me in the right direction.


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               You could use show custom dialog with an input field for this, but then you can't use your value list to eneter the category--which means your user might not get the desired results due to a typo.

               But you can use the New Window scripts step to open a new window and can follow that with go to layout to specify a layout for that new window.

               You can place a field with global storage and formatted with your value list on that layout so that the user can click a button that opens this window and then the user selects a value from a value list and clicks a button to close the window. That button would close the window and then perform a find on your report layout to find all records that are a part of that category.

               Here's a thread of scripted find examples that use data in global fields to construct find criteria and then they perform the find: Scripted Find Examples