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    choose multiple records to export



      choose multiple records to export


      Hi, I am using the starter solution -> content management template. It works perfectly well to accomplish what I need except the ability to choose multiple records from the database to export. currently, I am now able to sort and export. However, I need to be able to choose several particular records, then view the several records before I export. Is it possible and how can I go about doing it?

      thanks for your help!

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          How do you determine which records to export?

          If you perform a find that pulls up just the records you want, you can then export all the records found in a single group--but this assumes you can perform a find that locates just the contacts you want to export....

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            Hi, can I use a checkbox to allow the user to select the record they require. 

            After they selected the record, the users are able to see a detailed view and then export all the record they selected.

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              I tried using "omit record" to choose the records I need and to use "Show all omitted record" to view those I selected. Thus, even without checkbox, I am able to select multiple records. 

              However, I have this issue: E.g. I have 40 records. After doing a "find", I am left with e.g. 25 records. From these 25 records, I start choosing the records I need to omit (e.g. 4 records). 
              But when I do a "Show all omitted record", instead of just showing the 4 records, it displays 19 records! Could you help advice? I need to be able to just view the 4 records I selected. 


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                You have 40 records to start with.  They are catagorised as 'Found' or 'Omitted'.  You perform a find and it displays the 25 records in the 'Found' set and leave 15 in the 'Omitted' set.

                If you choose 'Show omitted only' it will swop those two sets, and display the 15 and 'hide' (omit) the 25.  You can choose that command again and swop them again.

                If the 25 records are a close-fit to the set you finally want, then click on the records you don't want and choose 'Omit Record'.  The found set (for export) will drop to 24, and the omitted set will increase to 16.

                If you only want to omit a few records that is an efficient way to do it.  It is usally better to sort the records for the criterion you are choosing to base your next omission on (although of course it is even better to define the search criteria even more tightly.  FM's search facility is second to none - you can easily build up very precise searches for AND and OR and NOT matches.)

                You can right-click on a field to sort by its value.

                You can also use right-click to find matching records, constrain the found set, etc.

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                  I use a checkbox to allow the user to select the record they require.

                  You can perform a find, either by hand or in a script to produce a found set of all records where a value exists in your check box field. Thus, your users could click through the records, clicking check boxes and then click a button to pull up just the selected records. This option works best if only one user is making such selections at one time, but it is possible to use a global field or variable with a button and conditional formatting to enable multiple users to make the selections without interfering with each other...

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                    Thanks for your advice! I am now able to use the checkbox button to select and export the records I need.

                    However, I am unable to uncheck all the records. 

                    I used this:
                    Set Field ( CheckboxField ; "" )

                    But it only uncheck all checkbox from the same set and not from all the records that are checked. 

                    another issue is this: I have a container for my user to add picture. But when they drag and drop into the container, the record does not prompt to save.
                    I have already uncheck the "save record changes automatically". Thus it should prompt to save each time a change is made but it did not.

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                      Replace Field Contents can be used to update the same field for every record in your found set.